[Improvement of constitution] As a result of continuing to drink a glass of tomato juice every morning [About diet effect and change in physical condition]


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Hi there I’m Pun
There was a medical examination in September 2021. I started drinking tomato juice every morning from April 2021. I will write about my experiences of changes in [weight], [physical condition], and [symptoms of ulcerative colitis].

Please take a look to the end.

About the effect of tomato juice

① Anti-aging effect

By suppressing the active oxygen generated by ultraviolet rays, “lycopene” You can suppress the formation of stains and wrinkles due to sunburn.

② Preventive effect on lifestyle-related diseases

Arteriosclerosis may be caused by active oxygen in the body. The antioxidant action of “lycopene” can prevent this arteriosclerosis, so Blood flow is improved, and it can be expected to be effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.

③ It also has a relaxing effect and an effect of lowering blood pressure.

Due to the effect of GABA contained in tomatoes, Because it suppresses the secretion of noradrenaline more than necessary, You can expect the effect of lowering the elevated blood pressure.

Changes in body weight

Let's start with the change in weight that you may be interested in!

I found the result of last year's health check, so I will compare it with this year's result.

this year
last year
body weight71.470.4

Result: 1 kg increased.

Hmm, it's been 4 months since I started living with tomato juice every morning, so I wonder if it's like this. On the contrary, if I didn't drink it, I might have been fatter.

Next, let's compare the results of blood pressure and blood tests.


this year
last year
Blood pressure
Blood pressure

Blood pressure has also risen since last year.
Well, it ’s not high blood pressure yet, so it ’s okay.

There is nothing special about the results of the blood test,
Triglyceride increased a little and HDL cholesterol decreased a little

Conclusion about weight changes

Almost the status quo is maintained!


I expected GABA to lower my blood pressure ...

How is your physical condition changing?


I'm in very good shape and haven't had a cold since April.

Also, than when I didn't have breakfast I have been refreshing and energetically working since the morning.


I started drinking from winter to spring, but it was cold at that time because my body got cold. It's going to get cold again, so warm it in the microwave and I'm thinking of drinking it as [hot tomato juice].

Changes in symptoms of "ulcerative colitis"

Before my life with tomato juice, I sometimes got a little blood mixed at the turn of the season. However, since April, I have been able to [maintain remission] without abdominal pain or melena.

This is just my experience, so it does not necessarily apply to everyone. In addition, taking it does not cure the symptoms. If your symptoms worsen, we recommend going to the hospital. If you drink it, please take your own risk.


The result of having a glass of tomato juice in the morning for 4 months

・ Weight: Maintain the status quo
・ Physical condition:very good
・ Ulcerative colitis:maintenance of remission

No particular change was seen, but I will continue to drink tomato juice.
If there is anything, I will add it to this article.


Written using google translate.
I'm not very good at English, so I'm sorry if I make a mistake.